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   “Can’t testify to everything,” Tim smiled back. “Just a whole lot of it.”
   “I was kidding,” she said. “So, seriously, when’s the wedding? And here? Or there?”
   “Good grief, Sharon,” I answered. “We haven’t decided yet. You’ll be the first to know when anything is settled.”
   “Okay, I get that. So, who was that woman? Did you know her? I’ve never seen her before.”
   Oh boy. Like a bulldog with a pork chop.
   I shook my head and looked around for Sally, who was making her way back with the pot of life giving fluid known as coffee.
   “Well? Did you know her?”
   I clutched my cup and looked at Tim.
   He took a deep breath and sighed it out.
   “She’s a fan,” he said. “Been around a while.”
   Sharon sat back and looked at me and then at Tim. Reaching across the table she lifted my left hand and turned it to admire my ring.
   “This is beautiful, Tim. You did very well with this one.”
   “It was my grandma’s,” he smiled at her.
   “Shouldn’t that go to the oldest? I thought you had older brothers.”
   “Yep, two of them. Luke and Matt.”
   “Then how did you wind up with Grandma’s ring?”
   “Asked for it,” he grinned. “I loved the story when I was growing up. Decided I wanted it for my wife one day, and when I asked, she pulled it off and handed it to me.”
   “Oh, a story! Some family history with it. That’s always special.”
   “It’s pretty old fashioned. If Tee doesn’t like it we can get another.”