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My life was pretty common – married young, two kids, divorced and happy. I didn’t much like the cancer, or the treatment. I survived. Now any day that starts off above ground is a good one.

   You probably know other women with a similar story.
   Mine only tipped off the tracks when Tim came along.
   He’s one of those side effects I mentioned, one that stayed.
   For some reason neither of us can explain Tim can talk to me. Inside my head. Like a telephone call without a telephone. Over long distances.
   Not even sure how far away he can be and still reach me. Maybe we should check that out one day.

   Anyway, during radiation treatment I was told some patients see a flash of blue light; some experience a strong smell of ozone. I’m lucky. I got both – a brilliant flash of bright blue and the stench of ozone.
   I can smell lightning half a mile away.
   In the case of Tim, I see that same flash of bright blue, smell ozone and get the same effect you get answering your phone. Without the phone. He can talk to me, hear my answers, without a physical instrument of any kind. How? No idea. He just does it.
   Tim is gorgeous. Model handsome and then some. He’s three inches over six feet, has hair the color of wet sand, smoky blue gray eyes framed by thick dark lashes. Wide shouldered, narrow hipped, sculpted body. Oh, and he’s also a very well-known and wealthy celebrity. Did I mention he asked me to marry him? Am I Cinderella or what?
   He did, I said yes, and then things got sticky.