A Monarch Beach Mystery (Book 2)

cover blue yonder



Summer comes to Monarch Beach, renewing a tradition of hiring college kids for summer jobs. The hardware store, the grocery, the police department and even Kelly’s, everyone’s favorite diner takes on a new member. There’s a new face everywhere you look.

One new face is the stranger who preceded them. The one who showed up at the Gem and went home with Teejay Bishop. A stranger she thought was stalking her. Now he’s not only gone home with her, he stayed. All night. Everyone notices, especially local detective John Kincaid, who is more than curious about the new guy right across the driveway.

Then the pranks start.

A cow in the front yard, goats in the road.

Mailboxes bashed in.

Harmless high jinx?

Until someone gets poisoned.

Until someone winds up in the hospital.

Until someone opens the door and shots ring out.

The emergency center is kept busy.

Who will stop the madness?

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