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My name is Teejay and I’m an idiot.
   If this was an IA meeting (Idiots Anonymous) that’s how I would introduce myself.
   The actual name on my birth certificate is Thomasina Joseffa Bishop. It’s just easier to go by Teejay or just Tee.
   By nature I am quiet, modest, shy and unassuming. Don’t believe it? Just ask me. I’m forty years past birth, five feet nine inches tall and on the slender side since I lost a lot of weight two years ago in a battle with lung cancer. I won. The weight is returning slowly.
   The type of cancer I had may return at any time. My doctors assure me if I make it five years beyond my last treatment I can consider myself cured. To that end I have varying tests every six months and so far I’m winning that race.
   Most side effects from both cancer and treatment fade away. Some become permanent. The hair that is lost usually regrows. In my case I have a halo – a bright, white circle of hair on the top of my head, crowning the dark blond hair that grew back, replacing the brunette hair I had. It’s hair.    After being bald for over a year, it stays, even if it’s green.