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“Hardly. You were a child! A fourteen year old boy is not ready to get married! And certainly not ready to be a father! This one I win, babe.
   There is no way that was your fault.”

   He gathered me against his chest and dropped his cheek on top of my head. “Well, maybe this will put an end to it. She heard me propose, too.
   Now that she knows I’m actually getting married.”

   He lifted his head and tipped my chin up. “I am, you know.”
   “You are what?”
   “Getting married,” he grinned. He took my hand and turned it so the light flashed off the lilac colored stone. “You said yes.”
   That ended a long day.

~ ~ ~

   We were up so late we slept in the next morning. By the time we got to Kelly’s it was closer to lunch time. I was a little surprised to see Sharon in her usual booth. We grabbed cups and slid in across from her.
   “Good morning,” she fairly sang. “That was quite a show you put on last night. Congratulations, again.”
   “Thanks,” Tim smiled.
   “So when’s the big event?”
   “What event?” I asked, in need of caffeine.
   Sharon shook her head. “The wedding, doofus. When’s the wedding? Will it be here or back in Texas? You did say you were from Texas, right?” This last she looked over at Tim.
   “Yes, ma’am,” he agreed. “Born and raised.”
   “And is everything really bigger in Texas?” She asked with a smile.