A Monarch Beach Mystery (Book 3)

cover bluebonnets


Welcome back to Monarch Beach, where the living is easy, the beer is cold, the town limit signs posted on the same pole.

There’s a few newcomers on the beach, including a famous country music star, who picks Monarch as the background for a video shoot.

Locals get picked as extras for the filming of the T Three videos and everyone puts on their dancing shoes. The video crew arrives, the campground is taken for the trucks, trailers and mobile homes. Sets are built and excitement fills the streets.

Excitement fills the fresh sea air.

Something else fills the air – something dangerous, something deadly.

Sharon stumbles upon a terrifying scene in the backyard of an empty house.

The new hair stylist lays an egg.

An ominous stalker stakes out a claim.

Someone starts taking shots at Tee’s front door. 

A woman disappears after a wild night at The Gem.

The prime suspect is T. Thomas Tanner, leader of the country music band, the one bringing prosperity to the tiny town.

It falls to local detective John Kincaid to clear the country singer, who he doesn’t trust or even like. Can he find the real culprit? 

Or will he throw the singer under the bus?

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