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Tim is one third of a popular country group called T Three, a fact he kept to himself when he first arrived in town. We have a local band named    Bullseye that has done pretty well for itself and tours regularly.

   When their travels bring them into our vicinity they throw in a performance for the home folks. The last time they were here, their lead singer,
   Jerry Mead, recognized Tim, as T. Tom Tanner of T Three and outed him in front of the home town crowd.

   Tim in turn invited me up on stage, where he proposed marriage, was accepted, placed a ring on my finger and sang me a song in front of that same home town crowd. I was there, I have the ring, and was so stunned I remember very little of it.
   The sticky part was Tim asking his future wife to stand up, me standing up, and some gal none of us had ever seen before standing up at the same time. Then my friends got in the act, and they all stood up, too.
   Tim got it straightened out, got the ring on my finger, accepted all the congratulations and got me out of there as quickly as possible.
   My first thoughts were who was that woman and why did she stand up. Tim’s first thoughts he kept to himself. When I voiced my questions, he promised answers as soon as we got home, and he got fed.
   I managed bacon and eggs while he made coffee once we were home.
   “And now,” I said, pouring a last cup of coffee, “who was that lady?”
   Tim sighed, stretched out those long legs and leaned back in his chair.