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“Not really. Just call the cops. She went to jail a few times before she finally knocked that off. Things would go along great for a while, and then, there she was again. That woman is just barefoot mean.”
   “What happened to her?”
   Tim sighed again, and squeezed my fingers. “That woman at the Gem? The one who stood up?”
   “Her?” I said, and felt a knot in my stomach.
   “Yep. That was her.”
   “How did she know you were here? In Monarch?”
   “No idea, babe. None at all. Haven’t seen her in years. Thought that was all behind us. Just when you think it’s over and forget it, it’s right back.”
   “Do you think she’s going to start again?”
   “No idea. My biggest concern right now is you.”
   “Me? Why me? She doesn’t know me.”
   “She does now, Muse. I had to be the big shot, and propose right there in front of God and everybody. Wanted everyone to know you were taken. Showing off for Sheriff John.”
   “You did a bang up job of that,” I smiled at him.
   “Yeah, I did. And I put a target right between your shoulder blades.”
   “What happened to her boys?”
   “No idea. Her dad died the next year and her mom sold the place. Don’t even know where they moved. Lost track of the family till she showed up after a show a couple of years later. That’s all I know. We weren’t at the Christmas card stage.”
   I stood up and stretched. “Not your fault, Tim.”
   He stood up, too, and carried his cup to the sink. “I could have handled it better,” he said, rinsing the cup.