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  The perpetual game of hide and seek added a little spice to the day.
   Soft job, yes, one that requires a certain type of person – combination accountant, salesman, landscaper and all around handy man. Someone who is comfortable alone, at ease with long periods of solitude and at the same time sociable with all age groups.
   Still, it was long hours. Although I might have no customers all day, I still had to be present in case someone needed help. 
   Surprising how many people lost their keys and could not access their belongings, expecting me to have an extra key since we provided a free lock with each rental. 
   Many wanted me to keep an extra key on file in the office so they didn’t have to keep track of their keys. 
   No way. Sure lawsuit there by claiming I used their key to garner their assets and sell them.
   The people you meet in this job are a true cross section of America, more so than any other business. From the homeless, looking for a place to keep their cans and the things their shopping carts won’t hold, to the millionaires remodeling their palaces up on the hill. One good thing about people – they will not get rid of their stuff unless forced. Even then it’s a crap shoot. 
   One of my customers, an elderly gentleman, rented a small space to keep his books – four boxes of them. I know because I helped him unload them, afraid his arm would snap off just getting them out of the trunk of his car.


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