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   The pay is usually much less than minimum wage if you work it out hourly.
   Couples are preferred because if each one works forty hours a week, eighty hours are covered without having to pay overtime by staggering the hours. It’s a hard job to get and an even harder one to leave. You never save enough money to pay first, last and deposits on a new place.
   Read stuck.
   In my case, I was lucky.
   My former husband split for a more glamorous life, one that did not include a wife or a storage facility. Ironic, since he was the one who wanted the job.
   I had turned an unprofitable mess into a profitable business in the year we had been there and the owners wanted to keep me. I also had my veteran’s benefits from my twenty years in the Army so I was comfortable with the situation.
   When Sporticus, my ex, left, the owners agreed to keep me as a single. They also approved a part timer for weekends, giving me those off. By hiring a guy for weekends, I could assign him any heavy work I couldn’t do. My reward for a job well done.
   The owners were a partnership - a father and his two grown sons. The Murphy’s, father and sons, were great employers. We had an excellent working relationship - I took care of their business and they stayed out of mine. As long as the facility continued to make a profit they left me alone.