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   He lifted my sweat shirt with the zip front from the back seat and pulled it into his lap, turning it so he could slip his arms into the sleeves. I prefer oversize sweatshirts but on him this one was way too tight. The sleeves were ready to split and he couldn’t zip the front but he managed to pull it almost closed.
   “I’m going to have to borrow this. It’s going to get chilly when the sun goes down and I have a long way to go. Don’t want my bare skin to show.”
   Finding my voice for the first time since his abrupt appearance I said, “Take it, it’s yours.”
   Although it was darker now, with the sun setting, I could clearly see dark eyes, almost black in this light, or lack of it, crinkling at the corners as he smiled. The setting sun lit his light colored hair with sparkles of orange.
   “I really am sorry,” he said again, opening the car door, “I had to scare you to keep you quiet. Those are not very nice men.” With one foot already out of the car, he turned and hooked his arm around my neck, pulling me close again. The console bit into my rib cage.
   “Have to say, I am not sorry about that kiss. Lady, you know how to kiss” and he kissed me again, just as thoroughly. I responded immediately, leaning into him. If kissing him meant I lived then I could kiss with the best of them. It was a long kiss.
   “Take care, babe,” he said against my lips, finally pulling his head back.