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I nodded and sipped coffee. “The first one he bought, flew about thirty feet and lodged in the top of the grandfather oak, the one on the ridge behind the house. The second one tore a hole in the roof of the barn and the third took out the kitchen window. I was picking up new glass and roofing tiles at the hardware store. That’s why I was late.”

Sharon’s grin grew into a full-fledged smile. 

“You said five. What happened to number four? Dave catch it?”

Dave is one of our cats, the one that is always in trouble while his brother, Cletus, looks on.

“No idea,” I answered. “It never came back.”

“He lost it?”

I shrugged. “It never came back. He had it flying and was doing really well, then he flew it up over the ridge and lost it.”

“Maybe it crashed.”

“No idea. He’s out hunting for it now.”

Sharon chuckled. “I wonder how much he’ll pay me not to tell John?”