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Chapter 2


Monarch Beach, indirectly, helped to solve the great Texas financial scandal, catch a murderer and eliminate a fourth of the FBI’s most wanted list, before they departed.

With the media gone, our only real celebrity reappeared, having been incognito while all the reporters were present, preferring to stay out of range of the camera crews.

That would be T. Thomas Tanner, lead singer of T Three, the award-winning country music trio, who calls Monarch Beach home. 

Fans know he lives somewhere along the central coast of California, the exact location hidden by a team of very talented lawyers in Southern California, anchored by his brother, Luke Tanner.

To the public he is T. Thomas Tanner. In the country music business, he is known more as Thomas, or Tom, Tanner.

That first T. is for Timothy, his first name. To family and friends, he is simply Tim. He is three inches beyond six feet tall, wide shouldered, narrow hipped and drop dead gorgeous, besides being an amazing performer, with a voice that can melt rocks.

I call him Hubs.

Short for husband.

And that’s called bragging.

Hey, if he picked you, you’d be bragging, too.