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   Bill howled some more as the EMT’s lifted him onto the gurney. When he was strapped down he went into a constant groan.
   I wanted to go pour salt on his wound. Or wounds if there was more than one.
   “He gonna make it?” John asked.
   “Yeah, he’ll be all right,” answered one EMT. “May need some surgery. Hit in both shoulders. One went right on through. Pretty good shooting,” he winked as he grabbed one end of the gurney. “We’ll take him to emergency.”
   With care they managed to get the gurney outside and down the porch steps.
   John sent one officer with the ambulance, keeping Officer Chuck outside with Chris. When the ambulance siren faded away the kitchen was quiet.
   Very quiet.
   I could hear the clock over the stove ticking.
   John came to squat in front of me, taking one of my hands between his bigger ones.
   “Can you tell me what happened, Tee?”
   “He came in and pointed that gun at me and started ranting that I had to die,” I told him. “The reason was a little blurry.”
   “Okay, Tee. Relax. Can I make you a cup of tea?”
   “I’ll do that,” Tim said and turned to fill the kettle and set it on a burner. “You hit him in both shoulders?”
   “Didn’t know if he was left handed or right handed,” John grinned. “To tell the truth I only fired one shot. Chris must have fired the other.”
   “Chris shot him, too?”
   “Yeah, looks like. Unless you’ve got a gun.”