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   The guy with the gun was screaming at me, screaming I had to die because he had some kind of agreement with Anubis, the Egyptian deity with a dog’s head. 
   I didn’t understand that one either. 
   Hey, with a gun pointed at your head your ability to grasp convoluted theories pretty much goes out the window or maybe it managed to fit down the drain.
   Being there, at that time, with two men yelling at me, one present, one trying desperately to get to me, both of them giving me different orders I did the only thing I knew to do.
   I prayed.
   I asked the Lord to watch over Tim.
   I asked for forgiveness.
   I watched the finger inside the trigger guard of the pistol tighten, the knuckle turn white. I squeezed my eyes shut, tightening every muscle I had in preparation to be ripped by a bullet.


   A gunshot inside a small room is very loud, even if the gun in question is a small, black pistol. When it’s two gunshots, it’s twice as loud. When it gets to three it can be deafening when they all fire at the same time.
   Everything happened at once.
   The front door blew off the hinges and hit the floor with a bang.