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“Define larger.”

“Well, you know, three and four bedrooms, family room, pool, that sort of thing. I even have one with a barn, a real, working barn, if you want to take up the farm life. Room for horses, cows and a large garden. The price is, of course, more expensive. The more amenities you add, the higher the price.”

I did understand, and had no desire to herd cows.

“And I don’t want to go smaller. I could do three bedrooms if the price was right. I could make a little office of one and still have a guest room for family.” In my mind I could see it, a little desk, a comfortable chair for reading, a few bookshelves for those books.

“Tell you what,” she said, pulling out the file folder she had jammed beside her seat. “Let me double check, see if I missed anything.” She looked at her watch. “How about a Coke?”

“Sounds good.” I hadn’t the heart to say I was getting desperate. I mean, after all, she is not the only realtor in town, she’s just the first one I called. And she did sell my house. I hoped she would sell me another. One with a foundation.

We went over to the diner and both ordered Cokes. While I sipped mine, she went over the papers in the file folder. I was a little surprised at how many were pictured. It didn’t seem like we had looked at that many. Maybe I had made a serious mistake.

She paused in the pages, selected one and set it on top. “Okay,” she smiled, “here we go. And this one is on a quick sale.”

“I’m ready,” I said and sucked up the last of my Coke.